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ARCHIVED: 2008-2009: Farm Worker Heat Deaths

ARCHIVED: 2008-2009: Farm Worker Heat Deaths
California’s Harvest of Shame
from California Assembly Access
on Vimeo

“California’s Harvest of Shame,”is a short documentary showing some of the current conditions facing California farmworkers.


Maria de Jesus Alvarez
(Aug. 2, 2008)
Jorge Herrera
(July 31, 2008)
 Ramiro Carrillo Rodriguez
(July, 10, 2008)
Audon Felix (July 9, 2008)
Jose Macarena Hernandez
(June 20, 2008)
Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez
(May 23, 2008)


Farm Worker Stories from 2008-2009

I would work all day without taking a break or going for water because I was afraid of getting fired. –Erika Contreras,farm labor contractor worker

They give us the water they use to irrigate the fields. –Pedro Zapien,vegetable worker

We have to pitch in money to have clean drinking water. –Juan Martinez Vasquez, pea worker

Our water has a mossy smell and bitter taste. –Ramon Mendoza,irrigation installer

The foreman drinks the water we bring ourselves. –Francisco Villasaña,cotton worker

He treats us worse than animals…We don’t have fresh water. –Juan Negrete,
cotton worker

The company did not provide shade for us to use. –Juanita Mendoza,grape worker

When someone wants to drink water, the boss gets mad. –Imelda Valdivia,grape worker

One foreman carries a gun on his side to scare the workers. — Alejandro Gil,cotton worker

They would never take us water. We had to take our own water. –Gaspar Silva,vegetable worker

Sometimes full days would go by and they would never bring the bathrooms. —Pedro Zapien, vegetable worker

They place the water on top of a box or on a tailgate of a pickup truck and when a worker goes to drink water, the heat is unbearable. –Eva Zenteno,grape worker

Last year people got sick and people fainted. They had no water and needed breaks. –Jorge Rodriguez,almond worker 

Being without water is dangerous. We are not camels that can be working without water. — Jairo Salin Salosairo Luquez, grape worker