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Act Now: Tell your US Rep farm workers deserve overtime

UFW & UFW Foundation applaud path to citizenship in Senate ‘vote-a-rama’ on $3.5B budget resolution

A pathway to citizenship for farm workers, Dreamers & TPS Recipients in reconciliation package moves forward without anti-immigrant amendments.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senators today approved a $3.5 trillion budget that includes a path to citizenship for farm workers, Dreamers, TPS holders and essential workers. The U.S. Senate on Tuesday began considering several amendments to the budget resolution through a marathon of votes known as “vote-a-rama.” The United Farm Workers and UFW Foundation applaud Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and members of the Democratic Caucus for taking a historic and long-overdue step to providing relief for undocumented immigrants while resisting anti-immigrant amendments.

To build momentum among farm workers, the UFW and UFW Foundation held a bilingual virtual rally on Sunday that explained the pathways to farm worker legalization and why inclusion of immigration reform in the budget process is so crucial. UFW and UFW Foundation leaders also made their voices heard during the “vote-a-rama” by calling on senators to keep the Budget Resolution free of anti-immigrant and anti-farm worker amendments.   

“Congress must honor the essential work of farm workers and pass a path to citizenship this year,” said United Farm Workers President Teresa Romero. “It is paramount that Democrats work together to ensure farm workers live free from fear that their families will be separated. A path to citizenship for farm workers, Dreamers, TPS holders and other essential workers has overwhelming bipartisan support, including from Democratic and Republican majorities. No excuses. Action is necessary and Democratic senators have the power to deliver.”

“Including a pathway to citizenship for farm workers in the budget reconciliation package is vital because the food we all eat —in cafeterias, restaurants and beyond— all comes from the hands of farm workers, many who are undocumented immigrants and deserve to have a pathway to citizenship,” said UFW Foundation Executive Director Diana Tellefson Torres. “Farm workers feed us without regard to party affiliation and deserve a stable future in the nation they feed. Today we celebrate being one major step closer to establishing a path to citizenship for farm workers, Dreamers, TPS holders and other essential workers. As we move to the second phase of the budget process, we will fight for the preservation of the legalization provisions and continue to defend against anti-immigrant and anti-worker amendments.”