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Eugenio Gomez Hernandez, Strawberry worker

Strawberry worker Eugenio Gomez Hernandez is excited that he just helped negotiate a new UFW contract at his company Dole Berries. He shares, “Working under a UFW contract is very satisfying for me because when you are working under a contract everything is safer and they respect you. I have been working at DBN, Dole Berry North, since 1998. Because of our contract we have benefits – for example, our medical insurance is very good, our payment is very low and all the family qualifies. It also has very good services. I feel very happy with the benefits my family and I have. I am happy because we signed a contract for the next 2 years and I will have my benefits and the best part is the medical insurance which includes medical, dental and vision. That is why I am happy I am happy to be working under contract.”

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