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Si Se Puede Scholarship



“Students must have initiative; they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves-and be free.” Cesar E. Chavez

The UFW has created a 4 year Si Se Puede! ® Scholarship Program and will award scholarships to those students working towards an undergraduate degree and are eligible UFW members or their dependents in California, Oregon and Washington.The program was created at the request of UFW members to help fulfill the educational dreams of their students who represent thousands of hard-working farm worker families throughout California and the Pacific Northwest.

¡Si Se Puede!® Scholarship Program Eligibility Info:

  • Must be a UFW member or a dependent of a UFW member
  • Must be accepted at or currently enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year accredited academic institution.
    • $1000 Scholarships for students 
  • Completed application packet and all required documentation must be postmarked between July 1st, 2020 and May 1st,2021 and must be mailed to the address listed on the application.
  • Participants attending a 2 year college/academic program can ONLY participate up to two years while in the program, and a maximum of 4 years (combination of College and University).

Download the application  HERE or request one from your Secretary General, Benefits Secretary, UFW organizer or the local field office. 

If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact the scholarship information line at

 661-823-6265 or email the UFW at

*special consideration will be given to applicants who have dedicated service to the rights of farm workers.